Landscape Architecture

To compliment expertise in the areas of natural resources and civil engineering, 3e offers Landscape Architecture Services.  From initial feasibility and planning through construction, our landscape architecture professionals bring comprehensive design strategies and solutions to wide array of projects.  The advantages of having an interdisciplinary team in-house are significant, helping project opportunities and constraints become clear earlier in the process and adding a level of efficiency that saves our clients time and resources.  From site design to master planning, 3e Landscape Architecture Services can provide effective and team-derived solutions to today’s complex challenges.

3e completed landscape design for the I-64 Segment II improvements along approximately 7-miles of I-64 between the City of Newport News and Williamsburg, Virginia. The landscape architecture plans for the Exit 243 Interchange, which is the eastern gateway to historic Williamsburg and Busch Gardens, were developed through coordination with VDOT, the City of Newport News, City of Williamsburg, James City County and York County representatives, and guidelines set forth in Section 605 of the VDOT Road and Bridge Specifications. 3e also developed detailed landscape plans for multiple stormwater management and bio-retention facilities, and for screening of those stormwater management facilities from the roadway. In addition, 3e developed landscape plans for several miles of raised median, along the base of sound walls and retaining walls, and adjacent to properties where visual screening is needed. Lastly, 3e provided a reforestation plan for two large contractor yards used on the project.