Who We Are

We are 3e.  We are a community of professionals that have grown up together, have shared some great success and are committed to mentoring the next generation.  We serve the communities in which we live and work.  We have a passion for what we do.  We want to be the best in our market niche, and we are out to demonstrate that every day, on every project. We respect our clients, our colleagues and our competitors.  We strive to provide our staff, and our projects, with the freedom and resources to do great things.  We are on a mission to raise the bar for technical competence and client satisfaction in our industry.  And, we are committed to having fun along the way.

Our Story

3e was formed in 1998 in Hanover County, Virginia by four partners and a lot of hope. By putting the needs of our clients first and being the beneficiaries of more than a little luck we grew out of our garage office into a charming old farmhouse in Montpelier, Virginia. In 2004, we opened an office in Blacksburg, Virginia to complement our Montpelier location. With a statewide presence we began to successfully compete for Local, State and Federal contracts, as well as serving private clients with multiple locations. We continued to grow, both in reputation and employee census. In 2010, we moved our Montpelier office to a custom built office space in Mechanicsville, Virginia and opened our Virginia Beach office. In 2011, we opened our Cary, North Carolina office and are fully licensed to practice engineering and geology in North Carolina. We are currently recognized as a leader in environmental consulting throughout Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic. We have been fortunate to attract many excellent young professionals that have progressed into leadership roles and have provided us with current perspectives and knowledge. Our success to date is a function of the trust and responsibility our clients have extended us. We will never lose sight of that. That perspective is the foundation of our future.

Our Team

Our staff is made up of a community of talented and experienced professionals. Most of our Scientists and Engineers have advanced degrees and are professionally registered. We have professional engineers, professional geologists, professional wetland delineators, professional wetland scientists, certified hazardous materials managers, licensed asbestos and lead inspectors, licensed asbestos project monitors and abatement designers, certified erosion and sediment control and stormwater management inspectors, plan reviewers, and combined administrators, nutrient management planners, certified floodplain managers, qualified environmental professionals, qualified surveyors, certified natural resource managers, landscape architects, certified planners, certified environmental professionals, LEED approved professionals, and FAA-certified remote pilots. 3e actively encourages professional development in order to build individual technical expertise and capability that stays current and relevant to the needs of our clients. All of our staff are owners through our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), and so they take extra care to work toward the success of our clients and our company.

3e is served by a Board of Directors that is elected by the Shareholders of the company. We have a program to develop and mentor the next level of leadership. The Shareholders are a group of talented young professionals selected by the Board of Directors to guide 3e into the future. Each Shareholder holds stock in the Company that is traded outside of the ESOP. The Board of Directors is comprised of the Company President, the Chief Operating Officer, and Vice Presidents of the organization. Shareholders meet monthly to discuss company performance, and participate in strategic retreats twice annually.

Our Vision

The vision of 3e is to:

  • Perform at a level that demonstrates that we are not just the consultant of choice, but rather the only truly effective choice.
  • Innovate new approaches and new perspectives that bring real value to our clients and a return on their investment in us.
  • Seek elegant solutions.
  • Respect our clients, our colleagues and our competitors.
  • Be responsible stewards of our business so we can continue to invest in our employees and our future.
  • Provide a rewarding experience for our employees and a career with purpose.
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3e Team
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