Anna Salzberg, PhD, becomes an Envision Sustainability Professional!

September 18 2020

Increasingly, sustainability is becoming a requirement for high-quality, successful, building and infrastructure projects. EEE Consulting, Inc. (3e) now offers clients the opportunity to achieve an Envision award for all infrastructure projects. Our Sustainability Lead, Anna Salzberg, PhD, ENV SP, has many years of experience working in the environmental field and holds a PhD in sustainability along with the Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) credential. She can successfully guide clients through the Envision verification process, providing clients the education they need to understand every milestone along the way. This is a wonderful opportunity to communicate a sustainability narrative to regulators and the public at large.

What is Envision?

The Envision certification measures the sustainability of infrastructure projects. Project owners can use the framework to incorporate innovations into their project during the design or construction phase to earn an Envision award, celebrating the sustainability of their infrastructure project. Similar to how the LEED Certification works for buildings, Envision is a certification for infrastructure projects that meets sustainability goals. Envision Sustainability Professionals lead project teams through the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure Envision Verification Process. The use of Envision can benefit infrastructure projects in numerous ways including:

  • Long-term viability through increased resiliency and preparedness;
  • Lower costs through management and stakeholder collaboration;
  • Reduced negative impacts on the community and the environment;
  • Potential to save owners money over time through efficiency;
  • Credibility of a third-party rating system; and
  • Increased public confidence and involvement in decision-making.

Read more about Envision at the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure website.

Make Your Next Project Shine with Envision

For more information on how 3e can help you build sustainability into your next project, or to learn more about Envision, please contact Anna Salzberg at 804-442-3330 x 221, or you can send us a message through our Contact Us page.